Smartwatch Warranty Guidelines

In case of any issues with your watch, please contact ("We / Us / Our”) at the customer care, details of which are mentioned below.

1. This Warranty is provided for each genuine products and related accessories (as detailed below), included in the product sales package. For the sake of clarity, Warranty shall be covered in the following manner:

S. no. Product Particulars WarrantyPeriod
1. Watch (Main product) 12 months
2. Accessories (charging cables or any other accessory only if included in the product sales package) 12 months

2. The Warranty period starts on the date the product is delivered to an end user for the first time, as evidenced by the original proof of purchase.

3. The Warranty is confined to the user / purchaser of the products and is non-transferable. This Warranty is applicable in India only and can be claimed only upon furnishing valid invoice of the product.

4. In order for the Warranty to be claimed, the product and its accessories shall be used in accordance with the instructions provided in the product manual (comes along with the product) or any other information that may be available online on our website.

5. During the Warranty period, we (either ourselves or through a third-party service provider) will (within a reasonable time) endeavor to remedy the defect free of charge (subject to adherence to these terms contained herein) by either repairing or replacing the defective product or accessory or the defective part (as the case may be). For the aforementioned to be effective, you shall return the defective product or accessory to Us before the Warranty period has expired. When repairing or replacing your product or accessory, We may use new or re-conditioned parts or provide a refurbished replacement product or accessory except where the use of such re-conditioned parts or refurbished product or accessory is prohibited by Indian law.

6. You shall note the following:
a. No repair or replacement will renew or extend the original Warranty period unless such renewal or extension is mandated by local law, in which case the Warranty period is extended by the minimum time required by law;
b. Where the product, accessory (or any parts of a product or accessory) have been replaced, the original product, parts, or accessories which were found to be defective shall be retained by Us.
c. We shall not be liable for any loss of data stored on the product. It is advisable to always back up all data, programs, applications, and content stored on your product before handing over your product for repair / replacement.

7. This Warranty shall not cover:
a. any issues or damage due to exposure to liquid or dampness (unless the product is declared to be water-resistant under certain conditions as specified by Us), damage caused by exposure to extreme electromagnetic field (such as damages caused by microwave oven), or extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to rapid changes in such conditions, corrosion, oxidation, spillage of food or liquid, or influence from chemical products;
b. physical damage, cracks, dents or scratches caused by a drop or by external forces impacting the product or any part of the product including but not limited to the cover, display, Sensors, straps and buttons (unless specified otherwise by Us under certain conditions);
c. using your product with, or connecting it to, any product, accessory, software, or service not manufactured, authorised, or supplied by Us; or chargers, power adaptors or data cables which do not meet the required technical and safety specifications;
d. any third-party products sold in combination with your product;
e. damage or errors caused by hacking, cracking, viruses, or other malware, or by unauthorised access to services, accounts, computer systems, or networks;
f. power outages or surges capable of affecting the normal use of the product; or
g. other acts beyond Our reasonable control;
h. any wear and tear (including any degradation or peeling of the colour of any product);
i. use of your product in a manner that does not comply with its intended use and the provisions of the product manual or as specified on our website;
j. if your product, has been opened, repaired or modified by non-authorised third parties, or repaired using unauthorised spare parts;
k. if you have not installed the latest software updates that are publicly available for your product within a reasonable time of their release; and/or
l. reduced charging capacity of the battery resulting from its natural end of product life, or pixel defects in your product's display that are within the scope of industry standards.

8. Our Liability
a. To the extent permitted by applicable law(s), We shall not under any circumstances be liable, either expressly or impliedly, for any (i) damages or losses of any kind whatsoever resulting from or relating to corruption of, content or data or the recreation or transfer thereof even if such loss, damage, or corruption was a result of a defect in your product or accessory; and/or (ii) loss of life, injury, and/or (iii) loss of profit, use, productivity, business, contracts, revenues or anticipated savings, increased costs or expenses; and/or (iv) for any indirect, consequential or special loss or damage. Our liability under any circumstances whatsoever shall be limited to return / repair / replacement of the product.
b. We do not warrant that the software preinstalled on the product (or subsequent updates) will meet your requirements, work in combination with any hardware or software not provided by Us, be uninterrupted or error free.
c. In the event of expiry of this Warranty / non-coverage under the warranty guidelines, We reserve the right to charge you (in the manner decided by Us) for the repair / replacement upon ascertainment of the defect in your product or accessory.

9. This Warranty may be updated from time to time at the discretion of or as required under applicable laws. In case of any queries or for registering a complaint, feel free to reach out to us at or through our toll-free numbers: 1800-572-6303/1800-572-6402 (Monday to Saturday between 9 AM & 6 PM). We will get in touch with you over telephonic call / email and try to resolve the issue at the earliest. We reserve the right to make changes to the aforementioned and/or add location / availability of Our authorised service network at any time.